We started builidng our house in the country late in 1985. As with more things than I can count, we moved into the house in April of 1986.

Our first goat came long when my older son heard that I wanted a milk goat. Mothers day of 1986 along came Sugar and a small pig that he named… Sizzle Lean. 25 years later we no longer have either of them but they are still very much in our hearts and a part of why we do what we do today.

Sugar was a mixed breed goat but gave a nice ration of milk and had her own peculiar idea of what aggrivating could be. Our house became a one goat home and then soon afterword I found out that Bill could have goats as a 4-H project. There were breeds of goats and they were registered and they were beautiful and, and, and, was I ever hooked!

In 1987 I joined the American Dairy Goat Association and in April of that year for my hubby’s 40th birthday we bought our first Nubain kid. Angel.